iOS10 - Webkit (Safari) allow zoom everywhere

Good news for accessibility

To ensure that user will not be able to zoom on a webpage, the solution was to set meta-tag max-scale to "no" or 0:

In a post, last week, Webkit announce a list of new interaction in iOS 10.
One of them : these settings maximum-scale and user-scalable will be ignore.

Zooming Everywhere
Safari on iOS 10 allows the user to pinch zoom on every page. As a developer, you should be aware of this, and make sure your content works well when zoomed.

Bad day for bad dev.

We think that lot of website will have a problem with this.

Cause if an field (input/select) have a font-size less than 16px, Safari will automatically zoom to this field when user focus to this!

Safari zoom to a field with a tiny font-size
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